September is a fresh start!

I always feel like September seems like time for a fresh start.  A new season is almost upon us, kids are back to school and summer is often filled with a lack of routine and perhaps more food and drink as we soak up the longer days.  September can be a great time to reset and get back to routine and perhaps start some new ones.  

This summer I have been eating out more than usual and having coffee and wine more than I would like. This means I have been eating more foods that are inflammatory and that I am sensitive to, which ends up making me feel less than optimal.  Take coffee for example -  for me coffee once or twice a week is fine, but anymore than that and my body reacts - I get headaches and feel exhausted.  This past week I cut it out and am feeling great.

A few years ago I was suffering from frequent headaches and exhaustion for what seemed to be no reason - went to the doctor and blood work was all fine, but I certainly didn't feel fine.  I ended up getting food sensitivity blood test done and found out that I was sensitive to many foods I was eating everyday.  I cut all the foods out for 3 months and worked to heal my gut at the same time.  I was suddenly no longer waking up tired and suffering from the fatigue and headaches - I had energy!  I can now tolerate the foods I am sensitive to in small doses, but anymore than that and my system reacts. 

As September is upon us consider how you are feeling.  Do you have energy? Do you wake rested?  Frequent headaches? Bloating?  Digestive issues?  All of these could be caused by eating inflammatory foods or food sensitivities and getting those foods out of your diet will leave you feeling so much better!  It's hard to cut foods you love out of you diet, but once you start feeling better it will be motivating to make it your lifestyle!  

If you want to chat more about this please comment or send me an email. I would love to hear from you!!