Hello & Welcome!  

I am Allison, a holistic nutritionist.  I have a strong belief in the power of food and proper nutrition to keep us in optimal health and prevent disease.  My mission is to empower people to make healthy and mindful decisions for themselves to achieve their optimal health and wellness. 

I graduated Queen’s University with a BAH in Economics and started a career in the marketing world. Nutrition and wellness have always been at the forefront of my thoughts. 

After 15 years in the industry I decided that it was time to follow my passion of nutrition and go back to school.  I resigned from work, enrolled in school and haven’t looked back. 

I have a keen interest in disease prevention, food sensitivities, stress and digestive health.   I want you to lead a holistic, healthy and mindful life.  I don’t want it to be difficult.  I want to work to formulate a plan that will work for you.   I don’t believe in diets I believe in a healthy lifestyle.

If you have a desire for better health and are ready to make some changes then please drop me a line for a free 20 minute consultation!